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Your investment is risk free

How would you like to receive the best guarantee in the industry?

Milton Keynes web designers

love your design or your money back

We guarantee you will LOVE the design we create for you!

In the event that we weren’t able to come up with a design you loved, we’d refund your money in full, and buy you a box of chocolates to say sorry.

Your investment with Red Giraffe is risk free.  

Your website will work anywhere

We build our websites from a mobile-first approach – it’s not plugged in as an after-thought! We cross test our websites on a range of devices and browsers to ensure your visitors get the same flawless performance from wherever they’re accessing your website.

We conform to the latest web standards

We run your website through a W3C Compliancy checker, to ensure it meets the very highest in new coding standards.

Retain full control

You’ll have full admin access and control over everything on your website. 

No lock ins

We want you to stay with us because you love our service, not because you’re forced to. We never tie you in to any fixed term hosting or maintenance contracts, and your website is built in open source software, meaning you’re free to leave whenever you like.

Outstanding speed and performance

We use GTMetrix, an industry leading website speed testing software, to ensure your website is fast and high performing. 

Comprehensive aftercare

We guarantee our websites for six months after your new site goes live – if you spot something that doesn’t quite work as it should we’ll fix it free of charge

Security by design

Cyber-security is of paramount importance to us. We take advanced measures to protect our infrastructure and our clients data, including issuing passwords via self-destructing notes, storing logins in secure encryption software, keeping everything backed up on secure cloud storage, and deploying some of the highest levels of server security in the industry.

Industry leading care plans

We offer a range of comprehensive care plans to suit all budgets, which include extended warranties, backups and maintenance, and advanced protection from hackers.

A trusted provider

Red Giraffe are an ICO registered company, meaning your data’s in safe hands.

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