We’re passionate about sustainability

Green Business Award 2017

Runner Up – SME Buckinghamshire Business Awards

Here at Red Giraffe, we’re passionate about all things nature and the world around us. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to ensure our work doesn’t harm or cause any negative impact on the planet.

We’re supporting Stand For Trees – a fantastic charity who are working their socks off to halt deforestation and combat climate change.

stand for trees

2017: 5 tonnes of C02 offset

2016: 5 tonnes of C02 offset

Eco Friendly Websites

For every new corporate website we build, we’ll offset one tonne of carbon from entering the atmosphere via a Stand For Trees certificate – a unique, high-quality, verified carbon credit that protects endangered forests and offsets harmful carbon emissions.

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What else do we do?

Being environmentally friendly is at the heart of our business. We not only offset the carbon created from the electricity used to build your website, but we work hard to ensure our energy consumption is as low as possible. We’ve taken the following measures from the outset to ensure this:

  • Our office uses low-energy sensor lighting, which turns off when the room is empty
  • Our premises is well insulated and utilises a climate control system, in order to ensure it’s never heated longer than necessary
  • Every invoice, receipt, contract, proposal and letter is sent via email – we don’t print these up or post anything
  • Our notebooks, printer paper, business cards and office tissues are all made from recycled paper
  • Our coffee machine uses biodegradable paper pods rather than plastic ones
  • Every battery in our mice and keyboards is rechargeable, so we don’t send dead batteries to landfill
  • All waste paper is fully recycled
  • We use Ecosia to browse the web – the search engine that plants trees
  • Our data is all backed up in the cloud – eliminating the need for physical external hard drives, USB pens and DVDs.
  • All our web hosting used the latest cloud servers, which use approx. 1/8th of the power of a physical solution
  • Our PCs are set to sleep after 60 seconds – saving power when we’re away from the desk

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To learn more about our eco friendly websites and sustainability programme, use the details below to contact us.

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