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Your new website won't Cost the earth

When we build your new website, we’ll offset one tonne of c02 from entering the Earth's atmosphere. You'll be issued your very own unique, high-quality, verified carbon credit, that protects endangered forests and offsets harmful carbon emissions.

one tonne of C02 per website

 By protecting forests, Stand For Trees are preventing millions of tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere. For instance, one single mature tree in the Congo rainforest would emit as much as 18 tonnes of CO2 if it is cut down.

Saving the planet with Stand For Trees

We buy a Stand For Trees Certificate for every new website we build — a unique, high-quality, verified carbon credit that protects a specific endangered forest and offsets a tonne of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere. 

Independent certification teams approved by Code REDD and USAID monitor each project and help local communities become stewards of their forests to halt deforestation, protect critical wildlife habitat, and shift the economic model so forests are more valuable alive than dead.

Every time a Stand For Trees Certificate is purchased, local forest communities around the world are helped to keep a specific forest standing and prevent a tonne of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

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